ABA Behavioral Therapist

Brooklyn, NY

Job Description:

Proud Moments ABA is a Behavioral Health Care Agency providing home-based services for clients. We are seeking for immediate hires, ABA Techs to join our team of caring professionals to provide ABA services for children with autism under the guidance of a Behavioral Supervisor (BCBA).

What we offer:

· Professional development and ongoing supervision in the emerging field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) working with individuals on the autistic spectrum.

· A flexible, part-time schedule, many times near your home

· A rewarding experience helping children and families reach their full potential

Job Responsibilities:

· Provide in-home, and community-based Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy

· Collect behavior and skill acquisition Data during sessions

· Be goal-oriented and maintain professionalism in all aspects of your work

Work Location:

· Servicing children in a Home setting:

· Deal New Jersey

· Zip codes: 0772